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Hello. I recently purchased a Dell XPS 8300 with

Windows 7 64 bit
i7 2600 3.4GHz
HD 6450

I want to know how high I can set the graphics settings in Battlefield 3 without dropping below 40 FPS with the current setup.
(Obviously, I haven't purchased the CD yet)

And what video card do you recommend for my PC? (I want to play on at least 1600x900 resolution with high settings)
I budget is around 300 dollars and I have to purchase a power supply with this money as well.

Amazon or Best Buy are the two available stores for me.

P.S.: I don't plan on upgrade any parts again. So I don't need extra wattage on my PSU.
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  1. Check out the video card tests of Battlefield 3 here:,3063.html

    You will notice the HD6450 isn't included - even at the lowest quality. It is not a gaming GPU (more for movies and whatnot) and would not hit 40 FPS even at the lowest quality (the charts show you would need at least a 4770 for that - the 6450 is roughly equivalent to the 4650).
  2. It will be pretty hard to stay above 40fps with a 6450. Maybe if you're running 1280x720 on all low you can do it.

    I recommend a 6950:


    Probably goes a little overbudget but you want a good PSU.
  3. NOTE: From a quick look it seems like your computer will support standard ATX PSUs - I'd check as sometimes the OEM cases and mobos don't like upgrades. My last OEM desktop (when I was 17, many moons ago) required a special PSU and couldn't be replaced. I know some Gateways also required backwards PCI-e cards (mobo was on the opposite side of the case as usual - so you had to buy parts from Gateway)

    Just as an FYI (though you should look at the charts) for 40FPS on high settings you're looking at a 6850 or 5850 (5850 is better) - note that this is high not ultra and at your res.

    You should be able to easily grab a 6870 and quality PSU for $300...(5850s are rare to get new any more and expensive). This Corsair is quality, efficient and gives you headroom to OC or add more if you want. Actually, if you can stretch your budget by $20 or so, you can get the much better HD 6950 and that PSU.


  4. Ok here's a cheaper PSU:

    It has 4A less on the 12v single rail than the first one I linked, but if you're penny pinching go for it.
  5. Dumb question, but just occurred to me - what got you to go with the OEM Dell? The google search showed an average price of $1000 or so. With that and the $300 (for a $1300 total budget) you could have had an awesome homebuild...and you're doing a ton of the work in swapping the PSU anyhow (likely have to pull the mobo and certainly rewiring everything).
  6. gmcizzle said:
    Ok here's a cheaper PSU:

    It has 4A less on the 12v single rail than the first one I linked, but if you're penny pinching go for it.

    Penny pinch on GPU before PSU - quality PSUs are well worth it as they extend the longevity of your other hardware and safeguard your data.
  7. I don't think Rosewill PSU's are necessarily bad, but on second thought 530w might be cutting it a bit close.
  8. well first of all. my parents didn't buy me a computer intended for gaming (yes, im still in school)

    and I realize that my current GPU sucks hard.

    how would GTX 560 ti work for battlefield 3 in MY PC? (specs listed on top)
    I might be able to afford it with a PSU if I save til Christmas.
    Also, how much power do I need to go with the GPU. Is 550W enough for 560 ti or do I need more?
  9. Hi.

    I had the same "problem" as you, with the same computer (XPS 8300, I7 2600 8GB, acquired about 1 month ago). So, for budget reasons, I decided to go for a GTX 560 Ti 1GB (from Gigabyte, CAD $204 after rebate). I didn't test it yet with BF3, but with Crysis 2, and Dragon Age 2.

    The problem is our computer have just a 460W PSU, and except you're planning to replace it, I think there are no better options than 560 TI.

    On Crysis 2, with all settings on ultra, latest WHQL drivers, running on 1920x1200, it runs smoothly, with some rare slowdowns. I think we will be able to play BF3 with a really good frame rate.

    I had some doubts regarding PSU x GPU for our XPS model. My topic is here:

  10. There is some great information here already.

    Yes, rosewill PSU' are absolute garbage. I've had one fail and fry a bunch of hardware within a matter of days and I have heard of this happening to others. Running a quality corsair PSU now and 0 problems. Under or overvolting is more common with cheap PSU' and it WILL kill hardware fast. Spend the extra $20 on this part and u shall thank yourself.

    Pretty sure you need at least a 550-600watt to use the 560 on your system. Feel free to check it out here:

    You might be able to get away with a 6950 on your current psu, but I would still upgrade it. I think the 6950 uses less power generally.

    The good news is that your not asking for much. A 6950 or a 560ti will make you very happy at 16x9 and ultra. If you go the 560ti route be sure to avoid gigabyte altogether and I recommend the MSI hawk

    Absolutely the best 560 ti buy on newegg right now.

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