MoBo to go with PIIx4 965BE

I've been looking at motherboards that would work with the 125W PhenomII X4 965BE and came up with the MSI 970A-G46 as the top one i liked Mainly because it was under $100 and it had pcie x16 and x8 for running crossfire cards later on. However i came acrossed more info about it today as having a weak VRM, and have a possiblity of frying when overclocking. Now i have never OC'ed and probbably won't BUT i would like a board that has the option avalible if i so choose. so could i get some Expert opinions on this board or if its a piece of sh*t could someone suggest a board that would be similar. Here are my Preferances
Under $115
1. AM3/AM3+
2.Support 125W CPU (PII 965BE)
3. Be Full ATX MoBo
4. have 2 PCIe 16 slots (16x/16x or 16x/8x) 1600MHz RAM
would also prefer usb3 but not necessary.
Thanks for any help
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