S-video to rca for tv output not working?

im trying to hook up my dell optiplex 755 to my tv (no dvi/vga). im using an s-video to rca adapter, and i have everything wired up correctly. however, im not getting any signal on the tv. my card is a radeon HD 2400 XT and i have tried this with both ubuntu 10.04 and win xp pro.

i think the problem is in either the adapter or bios, because im not seeing the bios on the screen but i do get a beep from grub2. can anybody help me fix this?
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  1. no, my tv doesnt have that option :/
  2. it works fine with standard vga and dvi.

    i updated drivers and bios.
  3. i think the problem is in the bios because im not even getting the splash screen to output to my tv. does anybody know of a setting in the bios or a jumper on the mobo to enable s-video?
  4. ok... well do you think one of those vga to rca converters would work with this card? i hear they have to have "tv-out" capabilities due to encoding/signal differences?

  5. i didnt end up trying the vga to rca cable, but i did get it working. i think the adapter i was using was backwards, i.e., it was rca in to s-video out. i did end up using a standard 4 pin s-video cable and plugging it into my dvd player (didnt realize it had a s-video port) and it works fine :)

    thanks for the help!!
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