How do I daisy chain 2 wirless Routers?


My setup is as follows:

1) ADSL modem has four ports. I connected one port directly to Linsys E3000 Wireless Router via wired ethernet.

2) Desktop PC is connected via wired ethernet to one port on the E3000. The desktop PC has a media server installed on it to share music, photos and video. I also use it for other PC tasks.

3) The E3000 router supports dual band 802.11n, I have "Network1" running at 2.5 Ghz and "Network2" running at 5 GHz. This works great. This router's IP is Subnet is DHCP servicer is on with a starting IP of IP range is through My desktop PC is connected via wired ethernet to one of the ports on this wouter. My 802.11n wireless devices are connected to "Network2" if they support 5 GHz and "Network1" if they only support 2.5 GHz

4) I also have 802.11g wireless devices in my network. I'd like to keep them off the 802.11n router to maximize performance. Therefore, I also purchased a Linksys WRT120N router that I want to run in 802.11g only mode.

How do I connect the second (Linksys WRT120n running in 802.11g only) router? I suspect I need to assign a static IP to the second router and turn off its DHCP server. I haven't been able to get it to work so far. Any suggestions?
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  1. change the LAN IP to and disable the DHCP. setup the wireless security.
    connect one of the four LAN ports to a LAN port of the main router
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