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First build - Best build for vfx and general gaming $500-700

Hey guys :hello: Im in need of some advice. I have a basic knowledge of computers and need advice on a build for vfx like after effects and video editing (vegas/premiere) and the occasional game. I have no preference over AMD or Intel i just want best preformance for money. I will be spending $500-$700 Aus. I will most likely be shopping from .I am looking towards a Intel i3/i5 build with 8gb of ram. Can repost exact details later. Any help/advice would be much apreciated! :D
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    Hey it'd be helpful if you could fill this out.

    I know AUD is a bit more expensive than in the US but you could check out this $600 build here and see how the price transfers over into AUD.
  2. Okay thanks. Ive been using this site for advice for the past year, only just became a member though so still figuring it out. Thanks alot for the link :D
  3. No problem! Good luck!
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