I have an older Dell Laptop (Latitude D630). The graphics card (or whatever is driving the display) worked fine until I changed out the disk and loaded Windows 7. Now it says I have a "Generic non-PnP monitor on standard VGA graphics adapter" and that's the only option. I can't even get it to "Function F8" to another monitor. Any idea of how to get it to recognize the graphics? I'm guessing I need some kind of Windows 7 driver, but don't know which one to look for or how to figure out what driver to Google for. Ideas?
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  1. It just means there's no windows 7 drivers for it

    This is you laptop rite? Dell latitude D630

    Here's where you can get Windows 7 drivers for the IGP,

    Here to download the Nvidia Quadro drivers

    Thanks! That worked perfectly.
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