Celeron E3300 cpu bottlenecking an AMD 6770 gpu?

Hi all,

I know this question has been asked a thousand times before, so my apologies for asking it again but after trawling various posts i still need a bit of help.

I have recently purchased an asus 6770 card for my htpc so that i could also use it for a bit of gaming. I am, for the most part very happy with the card however i am suspicious that my celeron E3300 cpu is limiting its performance in a few different games.

My specs are as follows and all running at stock speeds:
Celeron E3300 (2.5GHz)
Asus p5kPL-AM socket 775m/b
4g pc6400 ram
asus 6770 DC graphics card
400W power supply (this i know needs upgrading)
My max resolution i game at is 1366x768 - this won't change.

The most demanding games i am playing at the moment is dirt 3, crysis 2 and shogun 2.

So is it possible my cpu maxing out and limiting my graphics card for the above games, and if yes roughly by how much? could this be made up by overclocking the cpu?

And if it is what can people suggest as a replacement cpu so that it will be on par with the graphics card? I understand different games stress cpu or gpu more but something in the same ball park would be nice. Keeping in mind a socket775 m/b and a very limited budget.

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer, it is much appreciated.
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  1. the answer is yes but at your 1366x768 resolution I would not worry about. you stated you are happy with the results and that is what matters. keep an eye on ebay for a used socket 775 CPU (look on the asus web site for a CPU support list for your mobo) but no need to spend anything more then $40. your whole platform is in need of a future upgrade sooner rather then later.
  2. Cheers for the answer - so your suggesting just a small cpu upgrade to catch up? The intel dual core E5700 is fairly abundant and was something i was looking at.

    While i am mostly happy, the key is mostly. I would rather like a boost if the gpu is not being fully utilised - particularly for crysis 2. If there are significant gains to be had i could probably justify the spend.

    As for future upgrade you are probably right but budget restrictions limit this (cursed responsible married life). Although with most developers releasing cross platform titles the xbox360 is thankfully holding things back so i should be ok until the next gen of consoles comes out:)
  3. you should see a real world performance increase with the pentium E5700

  4. Cheers thanks for the help
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