Building a new system, wondering if extra cooling is needed.

Upgrading my i5 1156 to 1155.

Im getting a B75 series mobo, mostly because price wise its cheaper than any other 4x1333 Ram mobo and has everything i need. Im getting a i3 2120 and i was just wondering if there is any point in buying additional CPU cooling for it, it would cost aprox R500 (ZAR) for a Evo 212 + 2 extra CM Turbine master or sicleflows which are the best fans i can find over here. Would the extra money spent be justified concidering i could get a i5 2400 instead of the i3 2120 + cooling. Purely from a performance standpoint. Im using the PC for gaming
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  1. mmmm. Noise is a huge factor for me but im getting a CM Silencio 550, so im guessing my 4 1.5TB Seagate 11 series would be louder. Or what ?
  2. "Would the extra money spent be justified" No, the i5 2400 is better than the i3 & the stock cooler will work just fine.
  3. honestly your spending a lot of money for little in the way of an upgrade... especially since your only getting an i3... as for cooling your not gonna be overclocking so stock will be fine.
  4. I can buy derec from suppliers over here, so i sold my i5 1156 for a profit, was just bored of it actually, now i have to build a new PC anyway. My precious PC which was in a Sigma Unicorn case i could hear that crackling of the harddrive at night, made me crazy. And before anyone tells me "why not shut down at night" i download at night on my slow ass line, AAAAN its 11 series Seagates, when i restart my PC the harddrives randomlly dont show sometimes, got 3 of 4 harddrives of fail ;], getting that ..... oh look the drive dissapeared again bullshit.

    Okay thanks guys, ill stick with the i3 2120 stock then, actually happy i dont have to spend more money at the moment. ;]. Maby next build ill go for a PC that i can go crazy with. Have to learn how to overclock some day ;]
  5. the CM212 is a great cooler for the price but if your gaming on this machine and your choice is between a i3 2120 or a i5 2400 i would say hands down go with the i5 2400 and buy the cm212 at a later date when you can afford it. In all honesty here most games right now can run fine off a dual core cpu but as time is progressing more and more games are utilizing more cores and within a few years i figure dual cores will be quite hurting when it comes to gaming performance. i would suggest the true quad core myself. Also as said above the CM212 will lower your temps but because your not Overclocking the stock cooler will be more then good enough for everyday use.
  6. it sounds like you have HDD problem rather than a cooling 1... your drives aint discovering which likely means 1 or more of them is damaged... in general you shouldn't hear your hdd over a typical fan so if its especially clunky then you need the manufacturers hdd diag tools to turn on dampening (if available). you will loos a little in access times but not a huge amount and your hdd should be much much quieter...

    i have 4 drives in my system. 1 an old diamond max 160 gig and 3 1tb spinpoint f3's and i cant hear any of em in my antec 902 and any 1 who knows cases will tell you the 902 isnt loud. so if i was gonna hear em i would... in fat the nosiest part of my drive cycle is when they spin up for first access. i get a little motor noise a couple of hardly audible clicks then nothing... so yeah i would be checking my drive health if there especially noisy...
  7. I used Seatools and passed all the tests... which is what worries me. Apparently its a major stuff up with the 11 series, even with the updated firmware which mine has. Its not fixable, apparently
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