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Hey guys,

so I've got an ASRock H67M-ITX motherboard ( and Intel's i3 2100T with 4GB ram. And I'm looking into buying a dedicated graphics card (maybe something like GeForce GT 440 GDDR5 (
Obviously the mainboard is mini-ITX - so I'm looking for a mini-ITX case capable of holding a graphics card like the one mentioned and an appropriate PSU.

First of all - are there any cases like that available at all ? Do I have to get a low profile graphics card or something ? And what power supply do I need for a system like that - newegg's calculator says I'd only need like 243W, which seems very low. Please note that I haven't got any optical drives and there's a single HDD in use.

Thank you in advance :)
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  1. something like a Silverstone SG05 or Aywun A1-9189
  2. andrewcarr said:
    Use this to calculate the power it's much more accurate

    As for graphics cards I would try to get at least a 6770 and a 6850 if possible.

    Site seems to be down atm, I'll give it a try later.

    Is there any special reason why I should get one of those over the gt440 ? I was looking for a Nvidia, because I used to have trouble with ATI's in Linux. Also I don't really need much graphics performance - going to play Starcraft II on low graphics only, that's why I'd like a cheap graphics card (preferably with a low power consumption).

    Also: would a 6850 (like really fit into one of those cases ? Card looks incredibly fat >_>
  3. The only reason I would get a better GPU is to be able to play games at a higher setting and more games to come. As for the card fitting yes it would.
  4. Okay, thank you very much for your input :)
  5. Site is up

    And no problem I'm glad I could help.
  6. Well - the watt calculator recommends 240W (190W minimum). So, I'm wondering - wouldn't it be a waste to get a ~450W PSU ? Maybe 300W would suffice ?

    Is there any real benefit regarding power consumption getting a 300W PSU instead of a 450W one ? I mean, I'm using the system mostly for browsing the internet and stuff like that - a major part of the uptime would consist of idling on windows7 / fedora desktop. Would there be any noticeable difference in power consumption in that case ?

    Also: could a 250W PSU run the system on full load ? For me it'd mean a saving of ~45€ as I could use the one I already have.
  7. Well I chose the corsair 430w because it is the lowest wattage for a good price of good brands other options would be . By the way which GPU are you going with because I am only recommending ones with one PCI-E connector to support the better GPU's I recommended.

    The brands that are good are (in no specific order) Corsair, SeaSonic, XFX, OCZ, PC Power & Cooling and Antec.

    Those both are more money and not much better if any so that's why I chose the Corsair versus those.
  8. Yeah - I think you've got a point there, so I guess I'll be getting a HD6850 Sapphire, I guess.

    So you're saying that I'm better off getting ~380W, right ? I'd really like to stick with the lowest possible power consumption.
  9. If you think it is worth the extra money to get a 380W over a 430W then fine. The 380W both are 80+ bronze rated which means that they will be slightly more efficient than the regular 80+ efficiency on the 430W. Since the power difference is minimal at idle both PSU will draw very similar wattage (power consumption) from the wall outlet. What is your minimal price because if you want to get the true lowest wattage you could go for this although I think that is a bit crazy for the slight increase in efficiency.

    What I am saying (rambling on about) is that all of them should be efficient with only minimal differences for a large increase in price. Since I like saving money I would go with the 430W corsair but if you want to spend a bit more then get the 380W (either is good although the SeaSonic brand is generally the best). If you have a crazy amount to spend and don't care about the price/performance ratio then by all means go for the 450W Antec.

    Your system will effect the power consumption if it can only draw 240W then any PSU will never put out more than that for the system. What the PSU effects is the difference between wall and computer wattage for example at 240W 80% efficiency the PSU will draw 300W from the wall where as a PSU with 90% efficiency will only draw 266.66W from the wall.
  10. and whats wrong with a SG07/ SG08 case? it comes with a 600W bronze rated PSU with all the connection you need and really small if you'd want it next to you while also being capable of holding a GTX 590.
  11. Lutfij said:
    and whats wrong with a SG07/ SG08 case? it comes with a 600W bronze rated PSU with all the connection you need and really small if you'd want it next to you while also being capable of holding a GTX 590.

    Nothing is wrong with those cases at all, when I was looking I just set the price cap at $110. I also didn't look at ones with a PSU at first. But I guess I'm mistaken missing them. Didn't mean to do it just didn't spend that much time looking. Those two cases are another great option for him to consider.
  12. wonder if OP has already purchased case... :/ hmm price cap @ 110...okay, but like i was advertising :P its a nimble case to work with and the PSU is really good. I've been eyeing that formfactor case ever since the SG07 was released. with the SG08, we got USB3 FrontPanel support.

    and ofcourse there's a club for those cases as well on OCN
  13. Hey guys !

    OP bought LIAN LI PC-Q08B, a SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6850 and a 450W PSU - can't remember right now which one it was >_>

    Well, graphics cards performance seems mindblowing compared to my previously used i3 IGP :)

    Actually I've been able to get this stuff at a local store, which is quite nice and they got moderate prices too.

    Thank you very much for your efforts !
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