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We need a section for this. It's kind of been the Systems section for a long time, but that's not quite right.

A lot of folks just post in the CPU or motherboard sections, figuring someone knowledgeable will help them there.... even though it's not yet clear what the issue is at all.

A general PC troubleshooting and maintenance section perhaps.

Oh, the stickies I would write.
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  1. Good idea Proximon...

    I see shortstuff_mt's guide posted throughout the forum for help. It just make sense to have a one centralize location for PC troubleshooting.
  2. I agree, but put it above the CPU section if possible as thats where many of the aimless ones land with their troubleshooting questions since its the first forum. Might be good not to have a sticky limit in there, i can think of a few that would go up there already.
  3. It's a good idea. But until the new platform rolls out, it'll have to wait. They aren't going to create new sections on this platform.
  4. Any news on when that is or what it might entail?
  5. It'll probably be a month or so. They haven't said a specific target date yet.
  6. Likely it will be a Q&A type of setup. Should be interesting.
  7. That's kind of scary, but I'll hold my thoughts until its out.
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