Was it the PSU, MB, or Case that fried my components?

Hello, I feel like I might have had a unique problem last night. After cleaning up the inside of my computer, as in cable management and changing out a couple of fans, later that night when my girlfriend plugged her iPhone into the USB 2.0 hookup on top of my case (an NZXT Phantom white case) everything that plugged into USB 2.0 ports completely stopped working/fried. There weren't any sparks, pops, or bangs, the items just stopped working. The odd part was, is that my mouse is plugged into the USB 3.0 port and nothing happened to it what-so-ever, all that happened was that my wireless internet dongle, my cheap keyboard, and her iPhone stopped working (her iphone will no longer charge or show up on computer when plugged in, but it works fine). In fact the keyboard got so hot near where the cord enters the frame, that I didn't notice it until I smelt burning plastic from the keyboard. The second odd part about this, is the keyboard and wireless dongle didn't quit working until I unplugged and the plugged them back in. These items no longer work on my computer nor my girlfriends computer so I can conclude that they are indeed fried, the keyboard will light up but the computers won't recognize it anymore which must mean the motherboard fried on the keyboard and the wireless dongle no longer even lights up. Also I plugged all of the components back in the way they were before I messed with the insides, so I don't believe there is any problem there.

My specs are:
NZXT Phantom Case
ASRock P67 Extreme 4
CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750

Other possible important specs:
i5 2500k
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 16GB (4 x 4GB)
Corsair H100 CPU Water cooler
Sony Bluray disk player
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    Another possibility is the USB cable connected to the IEEE 1394a port.
  2. sounds like you reconnected the wires in the wrong order putting voltage through wires that are ment to carry data rather than power. causing a short and killing the usb devices attached to it...
    open the case and check the connections. your likely to find you have a + connected to a - or similar...
    but what ever you find your usb is likely to be irreparable as the motherboard is likely partly damaged 2...
  3. Actually the USB's are completely fine. All USB ports worked immediately after plugging in new devices. What I did however when I first discovered this problem was I shut off my computer and connected the USB from the NZXT case to a different connector on the motherboard. The motherboard has 4 USB connectors I believe and I had it connected to the one labeled front USB, but now I have it connected to one that is labeled something like USB10/11 (these are all connectors at the very bottom of the board). I also reconnected all of the components that were connected to the Peripheral cables (I think those are what the power cables with 4 holes are called). I have everything running fine now, a new keyboard plugged in, I tried all of my flash drives and external drives, everything worked, I'm starting to wonder if it was the computer or if the iPhone could have been at fault, I just haven't heard of something like this before where the USB ports would do this and still be completely 100% operational immediately after, yet frying everything connected, and only the USB 2.0 ports at that!
  4. they work because your using a different usb hub... if you swap em back your likely to find that the original hub has blown...the socket is unlikely to be damaged but the chip and circuit that fed it may well be.
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  6. GhislainG said:
    Another possibility is the USB cable connected to the IEEE 1394a port.

    that is exactly what I did! Is there any way to repair my my $400 ikey
    keyboard damaged that way?
  7. You could contact the manufacturer to explain what happened, but repairing it yourself may be challenging. It could be as simple as a blown fuse (they usually are soldered in), but it could also be other components that are more difficult to replace.
  8. Since he said the plugs at the back of his PC were hot when he unplugged the keyboard, I think it is a safe bet that his keyboard must have shorted out a fair amount of current. The mention of "smell of burning plastic coming off the keyboard" seems to indicate he must have deep-fried the keyboard's circuitry so I doubt it is fixable short of replacing the PCB.
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