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I'm looking for a quick and dirty video card upgrade. I am currently running with a ASUS P5K Mobo and a NVidia GeForce GTS 250. I'd like to upgrade to something like the NVidia GeForce GTX 650Ti but I'm a bit concerned about the PCIe 3.0 bus type that is says about in the specifications.

I was able to determine that the P5K has the following:

2 x PCIe x16 (blue @ x16 mode, black @ x4 or x1 mode) supports CrossFire Technology
1 x PCIe x1
3 x PCI

But this doesn't tell me if they are PCIe 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0. I did read that Video cards are backwards compliant so I gather that as long as I have a PCIe slot it 'should' work but maybe not as good as it could in a newer motherboard.

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    It's PCIe 1.0. I had the wifi version of that board. You *should* be ok. But I haven't heard of anyone using a 3.0 card in a 1.0 slot. But yes, it should work.

    FYI, it supports CF but don't do it. PCIe 1.0 in x4 mode kills the frame rates.
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  3. Thanks for the info!
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