Is there a limit to ram per slot?

I was thinking of upgrading my prefab dell pc because I had 8gb of ram but broke a 2gb dimm so now I only have 6. I used the googles and apparently the max ram my mobo can support is 16gb ddr3 1333. Can I just buy two 8gb dimms of say 1600? will the mobo just default and run them at 1333?
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  1. We need exact model number of your system to tell you this. Dell usually specifies the ram limits on their web site.
  2. I have the same question too. my mb is Giga-byte 8i945p-g. its spec only says max. 4gb ram supported, mentioned nothing about max. ram per slot. please tell me where I can find the answer. Thanks!
  3. Take max DRAM and divide by number of total slots - i.e. 16 GB max 4 slots, can take 4x4GB - 2x8GB is a normal No.
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