8GB Stick Along with 2x4 GB Sticks?

I have 8 GB of Corsair vengeance installed on my system. The RAM is 2x4GB. I received a free stick of the exact same RAM but only in a 1x8 GB form. Can i install the one stick or is it incompatible.
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  1. Check with your motherboad FAQ, but you should be able to use the single 8 GB stick as a standalone module, but you will get better performance with the 2 x4 GB bcause they can run in dual channel mode. Some MB's have limts to the size of ram each slot can hold. If you have 4 slots, adding the 8 gb along with the original 2x4 sticks will give you 16 gb of memory, but may keep you from running in dual channel mode. Again, check your MB manual for the specifics.
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