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Hi everyone. I've made posts before about this problem, and originally thought my 5970 was the problem. However, my old GPU (8800GT) freezes as well, and I've no idea why. Here's the problem:

Randomly (usually while playing games, but it's happened during voip and idle browsing of the web too) my computer completely freezes, forcing a hard reset. The freezing seems random: once, it happened 2 minutes after loading my desktop, and another time it froze after 1 hour of TF2. Another, it was while I was talking over Skype. It usually happens while gaming, however, or shortly after I turn off a game, and happens at least 3 times a day. Got this entire computer a month ago from NCIX, so all the components are new. The specs are:
Realtek HD Sound
ASUS pz68-v-pro

I've tried changing the GPU, changing the RAM (and changing the RAM slots), plugging the SATA hard disk into another slot, changing the PCIe slot of the GPU, formatting Windows, other GPU and sound driver versions, etc.....

Help =(

Also: Bought the system more then 30 days ago, so can't just return/exchange, but I bought the $50 "we make your computer", which comes with a 1 yr "limited warranty". So I'll have to send the whole system in, and they'll probably replace it with a refurb, if at all, since I broke the PCIe slot holder on my first PCIe slot D: (slot still works, but that plastic GPU holder is gone).

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  1. Does anyone know? :(

    More info:
    The PC's only a month old, and first thing I did was format, so thee weren't many programs there to cause freezes. As for drives, I only have 1 SATA drive connected (bought from a friend who doesn't need it anymore). He didn't mention any issues with it. I think my old computer has SATA ports...should I move the drive over there? As for the PSU, I had that connected by NCIX (1 year limited warranty, they connect computer), and the effort of disconnecting my old computer's PSU to connect it to my new one would take extraordinary effort .

    I already ran memtest, and it failed on my RAM after like 30 minutes (though I tested later and it went 5 hours without error, can someone explain that?), so I bought a new TRENDNET stick and took out my old improvement whatsoever. I tried different RAM slots as well. I haven't run a memtest on this new stick...should I even bother?

    Strangly enough, usually when it freezes, if there's audio running, then it goes into this super slow motion static-y thing (hard to explain, but nothing responds and I have to hard reset). However, when I am playing Tales of Symphonia with Dolphin, the computer only hangs for a few seconds (5-6 seconds), but then it resumes It hanged like every 5 minutes or so, but then resumed. Also, a couple minutes ago it froze in idle, but then resumed operation after 3 minutes.

    I don't get it =(
  2. Have you tried not using your Sound card? Also, run diagnostics on your Hard Drive to verify it can read/write properly...

    I had a issue when playing BFBC2 that my motherboards sound card wasn't compatible and it would freeze my PC and go into a sound loop... I had to do a Hard Shutdown.. eventually I had to add a sound card and uninstall my sound drivers for my motherboard.
  3. I've heard of that error, but sometimes it crashes when no sound is playing (though sound is enabled) I have disabled the drivers and had no freezes when doing so, but the freezes are random so I'm not sure if it was luck or not...

    Also isn't that error specific to BC2? And how do I run Hard Drive Diagnostics? I already ran chkdsk.
  4. Download Seagate tools or something and burn it to a disk and boot to it.

    My error was specific to BC2 but I was just giving you an example of a sound card causing a PC freeze, that's all. Not saying you have the same issue.
  5. Can it be put on a USB (my new comp dosen't have a DVD drive...)?
  6. Disclaimer... I'm a noob at computers, these are just in theory...

    Could the psu be bad? Maybe it's giving inconsistent power

    Fresh OS install might help? Possible corrupt files?

    Maybe a faulty motherboard?
  7. Maybe it's the mobo (meaning I'll have to send it in, something I probably should've done awile ago and saved myself time :( ).

    As for the PSU, wouldn't it shutdown or restart by itself?

    Already formatted twice. No luck.

    Also, the system froze again while playing Civ 5 (freezes often while playing that). Instead of resetting, I waited 3 minutes or so, and the system resumed, but the game crashed. When hanged, the audio does this really slow-mo thing.

    Also, forgot to mention I have a Dlink DWA-552 wifi card...if that matters.
  8. Power Supply should make it shutdown, but not always.... unlikely, but if you have a spare one around you could try it. Motherboard would be a good RMA.... Again, did you run it without the soundcard? Without the Wifi? run it on bare minimum devices....

    Is anything overclocked from NCIX...? that can cause issues too.

    I still say Hard Drive. You can make a bootable flash drive to run diagnostics, it doesn't have to be a CD.
  9. I formatted the drive and put it into my old system (took out its IDE drive first) freezes :(

    Strangely enough I noticed that it actually resumes operation after 3 minutes or so. Played Civ 5, and it would freeze every 6 minutes or so for 3 minutes, resume, then freeze again. Totally fucked up. It never froze with sound disabled.
  10. is anything overclocked? like your CPU or GPU
  11. All stock. I did overclock my 2500k to 4.5ghz (temps were stll fine with my hyper 212). After I noticed problems, I reverted and I notice no differece in the frequency of freezing wheather I'm Oced or not.

    Is it possible I fucked up my CPU less then a month after I got it?
  12. Well yes, especially since you overclocked it - but it usually reduces the OVERALL life of the CPU, it generally doesn't kill it immediately. but your issue does not seem like a CPU problem... CPU's generally fail completely, they don't "freeze for 3 minutes and resume as if nothing happened"... (usually). Not my first choice of culprit.

    Please attempt to boot to and run a Hardware Diagnostic Utility, it will benefit us greatly in determining your issue. Otherwise, send it into the company and have them fix it for you.
  13. What hardware diagnostic utility should I run? I already ran a DOS based Western Digital program that found nothing wrong with my drive...should I run another memtest? I replaced the RAM that failed a memtest (though it was strange, once it failed in 20 minutes, and when I ran the test later it went 6 hours without error), but haven't run a memtest on it yet. Freezing's still there with new RAM.

    Also, I've been keeping track of the Windows Event Log....there are no entries about the freezing. It's as if the computer goes into a coma. Before I knew that it resumed operation after 3ish minutes, I would hard reset, and the only entries were "improper shutdown"....then another saying "computer restarted after improper shutdown"
  14. So I disabled the integrated sound and put a good ol' Sound Blaster Live in, and despite the Windows 7 drivers being a bit ****ty, I've had no freezes.

    I can't believe I'm about to pay shipping for them to rip the computer apart, replace the mobo and put it back together cause someone screwed up the integrated sound ._.
  15. Hi. I'm having the same problem as you: computer feezing for about two minutes, especially when playing games and vids, sound slowed down. My best guess so far is that my processor is heating up too much (I'm using Core Temp to monitor its temperature and everytime the computer freezes, the CPU reaches high temperatures). However, I'd like to know if not using the integrated sound and replacing the mobo worked out for you.

    Thanks in advance.
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