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Hey guys,

As the title says I'm looking for a new gaming PC. I was wondering if anyone can send me links to good all-in-on gaming PC's as I would not be able to build one myself. My budget is really under $1000 Any help would be great thanks!
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  1. As much as a dislike recommending them since some of their parts are overpriced and substandard this could be a start but would require a better GPU (video card) at minimum
    There are substantial savings in building yourself!
  2. I'm agreeing with rolli59 because most big name companies are in the business of making money and not really is giving you the best components your money can pay for, i.e. greatest profit margin.
  3. I agree with you guys, but I am just not tech savvy enough to build a computer on my own...wonder how expensive it is to get somewhere local to put it together if I did try to build it..
  4. It is really not difficult and if you can use a screwdriver then here is a guide!
    Take a look at it and tell us what you think!
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  6. actually you we can recommend you a good gaming PC Parts, but before that ask someone you know or on some shops if they can assemble it for you just pay them a small buck, or hang out in PC Shops and make some friends there, well there's bound to be someone who knows how to assemble, or check the guide above, oh it's really easy, just make sure you read the manual, and put them together, it's like putting Lego together with a guide, buying an ALL IN ONE PC is not good i can assure you, not worth your money
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