ASUS P5W DH Deluxe and Patriot 2gb dr2 PROBLEM! I NEED HELP!

I am using ASUS P5W DH Deluxe motherboard,and on it i have 1X1gb ddr2 OCZ memory..model nuber is 2V8001G. on it it says PC2-6400 1.8v..and it runs well,but i got some Patrtiot 1x2gb ddr2 memory PSD22G8002 PC2-6400 CL5 1.9v.. and i cant get it to run.. When i boot with just OCZ its ok,when i try to boot with OCZ in A1 slot and Patriot in one of other slots it freezes at MB logo and i cant do anything,but when i try to boot with Patrtiot in first slot and OCZ i other,or without OCZ nothing happens.i dont even get signal to monitor.. I dont have system speaker so i cant hear beeps. I've updated bios to newest version,tried to increase memory voltage(havent tried more than 2.1v),and i've also tried to reset cmos but still nothing. Guy i got memory from swears its working..and i believe him..but im starting to doubt in that. Can someone help me? any info would be helpful..system configuration is :

MB: ASUS P5W DH Deluxe
CPU: Intel Celeron D 352 @3,21ghz
PSU: Rhino 550w
GPU: Gigabyte 8500gt
and i dont think that hard drives and optical drives are important..
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  1. Either the memory module is bad or it's just not compatible with your motherboard. Look on the motherboard manufacturers website for memory compatibility. It should list every brand and type that's compatible.
  2. on memory qwl i downloaded from asus site it doesn't say doesn't show even the memory that's in pc right now, and on list there's only ram modules up to 1gb,even dough mb support up to 8gb and have 4slots so it must support 2gb modules.. and from what i read online looking for help many others use different 2gb modules fine..
  3. i cant edit i need to write bios i can only choose ram speed of 533mhz and 667mhz.. so im guessing i need to OC cpu..may that be a problem? i know a lot about pc's but not about ram..
  4. The module probably went bad. It takes nothing more than a little static electricity to fry a module. I don't think overclocking will solve anything. Try to find out if the module that doesn't work is high density, because that type of memory is low quality and isn't compatible with most motherboards. Also if the non working module is ECC (error code correcting) then it's the type of memory that generally only works in servers or workstations.
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