Mobo issues? BSODs, restarts, display issues, ... frustrating!

Hello all,

I've been having these issues for a few months now. I've tried the following:

- Ran Memtest (All passed)
- Switch RAM with known working RAM, issues continued.
- Switched from Diablotek to Seasonic PSU
- Removed Overclock, Reset BIOS
- Reinstalled Windows
- Tried different graphic drivers

None of these have helped so far. Though I have boiled it down to either the mobo, or the graphics card.


- Athlon II X4 640 (Was OC. Never had heat issues, [Using Hyper 212+])
- Seasonic 550W
- Gigabyte HD 6850 (Running 12.10 driver now)
- ASRock M3770DE Mobo
- Windows 7 64-bit

Sorry for not providing more information at this time. I'm tying all of this up from my tablet away from the house. I can post logs later.

The symptoms:

- BSOD, will go days without one, and some days have multiple in a row. It has never happened during boot, but always later.
- Random restarts. This doesn't happen much. But again, some days it will happen 2-3 times in a day, sometimes never in a week.
- Graphic artifacts. The display will suddenly crash; horizontal lines, colors all "weird". Computer will require hard reset.
- No display. I'll start the computer, and monitor will not recieve a signal.
- When there is no display at start -- I noticed the mouse is not on as well. No laser light, etc... The same for the keyboard, no lights.

My question is, since the keyboard and mouse also go out whenever there is no display -- does this indicate a MOBO issue instead of a GPU issue? I don't see how the GPU could be affecting the usb ports...

Thank you for your help!
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    im guessing that the problem lies within the MB...
  2. A user on another forum mentioned that the keyboard / mouse issue could be the computer not completely POST properly; which could be caused by the GPU.

    Just today I was having a particularly hard time. After attempting to start 5-6 times with the display not receiving a signal and no keyboard/mouse activity, I switched out the GPU with my gf's (I don't have on-board on this MOBO). It started up first try.

    I shut down, put my GPU back in, and restarted. I noticed the resolution was back at 800x600, then was given a message that the AMD graphics driver had errors or is missing and to re-install a driver. I re-installed 12.10 and restarted. It's running for the moment.

    I'm thinking it's a GPU issue... I'm going to buy an 8-pin connector for gf psu so my gf and I can swap GPU for awhile. I'll probably have my answer after that.

    edit: btw, thanks for the link. Definitely worth reading. No go on any of those solutions, sadly.
  3. Well, I replaced my GPU and I'm still getting these issues! Before replacing it though the display was not working whatsoever. After replacing it, it worked first try. Then on the 2nd or 3rd day I noticed two or three restarts. Usually when I was gone, I would come back to a Windows login. A day later, a BSOD. Then today I had another distorted, horizontal line crash. I've taken out all of my RAM except for 1 slot. Even though they all passed memtest I'm going to try each until I get some sort of failure. I'm thinking it's the MB, but hopefully it's just a bad stick of RAM... Can a slot go bad?

    UPDATE 3/15/13:

    I'm working on testing the RAM. So far it's looking like this is a RAM issue. (Even though they all pass Memtest.)
    (I have 4 sticks, 2x 4GB and 2x 2GB. The 2GB sticks are a different model but are still G.SKILL 1600)

    - Tried with 1 4GB stick in 1st slot, RAM I know works. No BSOD or issues for days.
    - Individually tried my other 3 sticks in 2nd slot. All eventually BSOD; Some in minutes, some after a day.
    - Moved to trying each in 3rd slot. First try was 4GB (same model RAM.) I've been running for days, no issues.
    - Tried both other 2GB in the 3rd slot to see what happens. BSOD on both of them.

    It's been about a week having both 4GB in 1st and 3rd slot without any issues. Memory is such a pain to troubleshoot... If I don't have any issues in another week I'll call it solved.
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