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i have a xfx hd 6870 1gb running with a phenom x4 955 be, 4gb ram windows 7 ultimate and no matter what i do i cant get the ccc to start. when i double click the .exe it looks as tho its starting in that the cpu usage goes up a bit and you get the spinning circle that shows windows is busy but the damn program just wont start.

any ideas on how to get this running??
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  1. What happens when you right-click on the desktop? Is there an option in the pop-up menu for CCC? If so, what happens when you select that?

    -Wolf queries
  2. no only an option for amd engine control centre
  3. If I'm not mistaken, that *is* CCC.

    -Wolf sends
  4. uninstall the last driver and reinstall new one,sometimes the ccc do not install correctly du microsoft visual basic module
  5. so is that the amd engine control i uninstall?
  6. all the amd driver related to your graphic card then restart and install new ones
  7. doesnt matter how many times i try that it never seems to work
  8. what the system report about ccc control on desktop
  9. i dont seem to have one anywhere
  10. right click on your desktop and see if you got vision control ,if not then the driver are well install
  11. Clear out the Windows GAC (Global Assembly Cache) of all ATI keys from Windows 7.

    Navigate to "C:\Windows\assembly" and set the folder to sort by Public Key Token. Delete everything with the Token "90ba9c70f846762e" (ATI' keys).
    You will need to have administrator privileges to delete them.

    Now reinstall CCC.

    Try to run the Catalyst Control Center again.

    THIS WORKED FOR ME JUST LAST WEEK DO IT. Its completely safe.

    **Better builds. Better Price**
  12. when i try to delete the ati keys it tells me i cant delete them no matter what i try and when i right click the desktop i have the amd engine control centre but that doesnt run at all. looks like its going to start but nothing ever does
  13. restart your computer and try booting in safe mode with networking. then see if it lets you. I think thats what I had to do. I know there is a simple work around for this but its not coming to me at the moment. Just try that and let me know how it goes
  14. ok will try that shortly let u know
  15. use revo unistaller to remove the ccc keys from registery and the program itself
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