Which GPU SLI or Xfire to buy

I am looking at buying a mother board but I have come to a standstill do I buy the motherboard with sli and xfire support or the one with just xfire support (which is £15 cheaper)

The one with both sli support and Xfire is ASRock and the other is Asus if this helps.

Does anyone have any recomendations.
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  1. What GPU's are you going to be running, Nvidia or AMD? AMD GPU's use crossfire ONLY when you have two or more physical GPU's connected to your motherboard.

    Same goes for Nvidia, only difference is the name crossfire changes to SLI.
  2. Yeah, figure out what cards you want first, then you will have a better idea of what motherboard you should get.

    If you are not sure of what cards to get, but need a motherboard, get the crossfire and SLI. If you can afford to get two cards, you can afford 15 quid more on the motherboard.

    What two motherboards are you considering? That may change our opinion.
  3. Pretty much all motherboards support Crossfire even if they don't specify this so long as they have enough PCIe x16 slots. That's an advantage of Crossfire over SLI in support, granted not a major one. SLI support is not as simple, so if it costs more to get a board that states it has it, then it costs more to get a board that supports it. Don't spend more to get it if you don't intend to use it. Still, I agree with the above post in that you should tell us what motherboards you are looking at. The more expensive one may have more than SLI support going for it for all we know until we can have a look.
  4. Turns out I found a better one that supports both.
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