How important is the motherboard in my build?

Well, I'm building a new computer and I was just wondering how important the motherboard is really, and if it would hold my components back in any way. I'm not planning on overclocking and I might add a second card later down the road but I don't mind the reduced speeds on the second PCIe port.

This is my build:

MSI GTX 680 Lightning Edition
Corsair HX 750
Corsair Vengeance 8gb RAM (2x4gb)
Samsung 840 series SSD 128gb
1tb Samsung Spinpoint F3

And finally, this is my motherboard:

So, will it hold it back? I don't mind spending up to $50 more but obviously less is better.

Also, is there a big difference between that motherboard and this:

If so, I can go ahead and buy that one instead.
I heard cheaping out on the motherboard isn't good but I don't necessarily need too many features, I'm keeping everything on stock clocks, etc.
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  1. generally speaking, the motherboard has very little effect on your performance, what i would say though is buy a good brand like msi gigabyte asus. ive had cheapo ones in the past that have broken within a year. If ur really nitpicking better chipsets=better performance but like i said very little effect
  2. what you really need to look for in choosing a MB is the expansion slots available... onboard audio/storage devices/panel ports...
    for example the MB that you linked does not support SLI configuration so you will not be able to SLI you system in the future...
    brands are also important too...(ASRock/Asus/Gigabyte/MSI)
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