Audio problems with USB headset and Win XP32bit

I recently began using my brother's old computer while my motherboard is being RMA'd. When I first booted the computer up, any normal audio output coming through my headset came out along with a lot of extra fuzzy noises. At the time, I was more worried about getting a working computer, so I disregarded the problem and began a fresh install of XP. After this fresh installation, I tested the audio by watching a video on Youtube and it worked fine. No fuzz or anything. This was the case for several days, when suddenly the problem reared its ugly face again. Just like when I first turned the computer on, any audio output was accompanied by fuzzy noises.

I tried remedying the issue as best I could. I switched the USB port that the headset was plugged into. I tried updating any drivers. I tried a different copy of this headset. I looked online too see if there was any easily identifiable fix. Nothing seemed to work.

The audio works fine if it comes from something plugged into one of the thin outlets (I'm not positive what these are called, audio jacks maybe?)

This headset is the same one that worked fine in Windows 7.

I have a feeling that the problem may be related to a Windows automatic update, as they were still in the process of being downloaded and installed when the problem began (and it would explain why the audio was broken when I firsted used the computer, and then showed up again after using the fresh install for several days.) If this is the case, I don't know of anyway to remove these automatic updates, short of reinstall XP again and not allowing the updates.
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  1. For anyone searching for a fix to a similar problem, I was finally able to isolate the problem as a faulty driver for my xbox 360 I downloaded from microsoft's website.
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