ASUS GTX 570 on CX 400 PSU?


I am about to receive the ASUS gtx 570 card, but i only have a Corsair cx 400w psu, so i was wondering if it is possible / safe to run that card on my system for a short period of time until i get a better more powerfull PSU?

My specs are as follows;

Asus P8Z68 Deluxe/gen3
Intel i7 2600K
16GB (4x4GB Corsair vengenace 1600Mhz CL8)
1x WD 320 GB s-ata 2.0 HDD

I have been running my specs through the Thermaltake PSU calculator, and it looks like i might be able to pull it off, if my GFX does not go over 80% load.

But i figured i would ask some of the more tech savvy guys here if i should proceed or not.

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. It would be a little close to comfort
    361watt in game total system load.
  2. Is that the three slot behemouth of a card that requires a 550w minimum power supply and the card itself draws 219w? You want to run that card on a 400w psu for a short time? I would definatly recomend you not play any games till you get another psu.
  3. highly doubt it. the i7 needs 95w by it self and that leave 305w of power left. (assuming its true wattage)

    get a new one, :D
  4. There are 3 senarios here.

    It works and you have no problems.

    It does not load windows or start due to lac of power.

    It starts and breaks the PSU right away due to not enough power to keep it going.

    My guess is that it will not load or it blows right away on startup.
  5. No, do not do that, my friend... Don't.
    You are more safe when you already have a bigger/better PSU. Get 550W minimum for a single card or more for dual cards and future proof... :)
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