1066 DDR2 problem

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I ve bought 2G DDR2 1066 MHZ but my Pc read it 800MHZ in bios , and read it 555MHZ!! in cpuz
i ve contacted the seller support .. they told me that :"It seems like your HP has a locked BIOS. We suggest you contact HP and see if you can use the memory past 400MHz (800MHz memory speed) on this computer.".

this is my Pc properties page on Hp site:

i have recently updated my bios version too so its now up to date

can u help plz?

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  1. DDR2 reads 555MHz in CPUZ: it is a double data rate chip that actually throughputs 1066. This issue comes up all the time. Your RAM is performing fine.
  2. 555 is actually OVERclocked since 555*2 = 1110.
  3. i m sorry .. can u explain more?
    ur answers confuse me a little
  4. and if its - as i understood - double data rate .. why the BIOS reads it as 800 MHZ?
  5. It is correct, DDR2 base clock rate is half of it's rated speed in simple terms (its a little more to it then that)

    So DDR2 800 = 400mhz
    DDR2 1066 = 533mhz
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