Screw size for z77 extreme 4 motherbard

Hey guys doing my 1st build and am trying to install my motherboard into the coputer case but have no screws. So just looking for the right screw siz needed as I went and bought some 6-32's(googled and saw this was the size needed) but they do not screw in place and are wrong size, so need any help I can get.
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  1. The screw size you need depends on the standoffs in your case, rather than the motherboard. Standoffs that take 6-32 screws are more common, but I've seen some that take the M3-0.50 screws that are normally for mounting optical and floppy drives.
  2. Where could I find info on what sizings fit in my particular ones, have Xon -980 case if that helps a bit.
  3. or what are the other standard / normal sizes so I can just go buy all of em and try till i find the right size.
  4. My suggestion would be to contact Xion customer support. The case is supposed to come with all the hardware needed, did you buy it secondhand? Anyway..
  5. nah, bought off newegg. But thanks for the link, appreciate it.
  6. The case should have come with all the mounting hardware. Contact Newegg and/or the OEM and they generally will send you the mounting hardware gratis.
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