Used bf3 to test gaming system, is this normal?

I5 2500k and evga 560 ti 448 classified fps was 55 ish at the time also on a 60hz 1080p LCD

GPU usage 99% temp @ 62c... Also tested on medium settings and got same result, is this screen tearing or normal?
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  1. your gpu is fine, dont worry. theres 3 reasons this could be happening.

    Vertical Sync enabled, try disabling it.

    Nvidia Drivers try uploading them.

    BF3 Bug. Wait for Fix.

    remember this game is buggy as hell.

    Wow, nice temps for that Ti.
  2. Yeah I'm using the latest beta drivers (per advice from this forum)

    I'll mess with vsync later... And I should probably check my CPU temps it usually idles around 37 or 38 on the stock cooler

    Thanks for the help, I'm still new at system building
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