New Biostar HiFi A85W Mobo won't post. Nothing!

This was a replacement mobo included in a barebones kit with an AMD A8 5600BE APU, $gb DDR3 RAM,and a 1tb Hard Drive. I had a SMART warning on my 750gb HD, and the onboard video 94320) on my old Gigabyte 880G mobo was marked as not available.
My issue right now is that the entire rebuilt rig has frozen in the middle of requesting a reboot.
The system doesn't to be able to reset itself, nor does the power switch have any effect.
There is still power to the mobo, ( the audio LED is still on), but the rig seemms to gone into a time warp.
Any ideas?
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  1. Huh? Just take the thing apart man and build it up from scratch to find what's up, reset CMOS and junk
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