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Better Task manager

Basically what I want is a task manager add-on(OR Other program completely) that adds the ability to monitor other information.

Like being able to see how much Bandwith a program is using, How much disk usage, what ports it is using, How many Hertz of CPU power it is using and other stuff.
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  1. Not exactly as you requested, but Window's built-in Task Manager does a lot of this. While looking at the Processes tab, View menu -> select columns. Covers most of what you've asked.
    Bandwidth, do the same thing, but you won't see per application.

    If you want even more, you could configure Data Sets in Perf Mon, but this is pretty resource intensive.

    Outside of that, I will admit I don't know any good 3rd party apps that do this
  2. Forgot to mention I'm using Windows XP lol.
  3. Why would you do a think like that :-D jk

    My comment applies for XP too. Again, not exactly as you requested, but does give more info than the default configuration.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread though, I'm interested to see what 3rd party apps might do better...
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  5. Woah this is exactly what I wanted! I found this when I google'd but it didn't look like what I wanted... Thanks!
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