GTX 580 Driver Failure and BSOD

So I recently attempted to upgrade my pc's gpu from a GTS 250 to a Zotec GTX 580 but have run into problems. After installing the card and a beefier psu, my computer crashes at startup (when not booting in safe mode). A few seconds after the windows desktop loads, my monitor blacks out intermittently, I recieve messages stating that the graphics driver has stopped responding but has recovered, ultimately leading to the gpu fan reving up, BSOD and occasionally several beeps being emitted. I had previously been able to boot up the windows desktop and even start a 3d application (Red Orchestra 2) but the same sequence of events leading to a crash occured anyways. Lately I cannot even get past loading the desktop.

I have tried updating my nvidia drivers, using an older drivers, doing a clean reinstall of drivers after using driver sweeper 3.2 in safe mode. I don't think anything is overheating, on the rare occasion in which the windows desktop did load, gpu temps were listed as 36 degrees idling (shortly before crashing). Additionally, I am running the pc with side of the case off to keep heat down. The gpu is usually only slightly warm after crashing.

My pc required a psu upgrade to power the new card. I installed a cooler master silent pro m700. The gpu box lists a minimum of 600W with a min 12V current rating of 42A. The cooler master box lists 700W and a 12V current rating of 50A. I have tried using a single connection from the psu and two separate connections as well (one for the 8-pin, one for the 6 pin), although I am not certain what is the proper setup. My psu is modular, with two cables available tagged as 8-pin pci-e. The cables both have a 6-pin connection and a 6-2 connection. I tried using the 6-pin to 8-pin adaptor that came with the gpu with no benefit. I hope I didn't fry my gpu due to improper installation, I am a layperson when it comes to this sort of thing but I thought changing a card was fairly idiot proof.

Additioanl pc specs:

HP pavillion elite E9180f

Windows 7 64-bit
Pegatron IPMTB-TK (Truckee)
Intel i7 920 2.67 Ghz
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  1. Both cables connected from the PSU is needed! There is always a chance that you got a faulty card.
  2. To be clear, I had a 8 pin and a 6 pin adaptor plugged into card at all times when booting.

    So you're saying that you cannot connect the 6-pin and the 8-pin ports with adaptors found on the same cable? If not what is the 2nd 6-pin adaptor for? (the 1st being a 6-2 pin adaptor)
  3. Here it is clear You need to use the two cables listed PCIe 6 pin to 6+2 in both PCIe plugs on the PSU, then connect them to your card. If that is not what you have done you might have been starving it on power!
  4. So I replaced the GTS 250 and did some tests to see if the psu might have been problematic, however everthing is fine with the older card.

    I reinstalled the gtx 580, using the two PCIe 6 pin to 6+2 cables and found that stability had dramatically improved (able to boot to windows again without problems). I tested Red Orchestra 2 at max setting, was able to get great fps, stable 50-60ish degrees after several minutes of gameplay. However the monitor soon began blacking out. This increased in frequency until the pc rebooted itself. I am back to square one again, unable to boot into windows..

    Is there some way to test that my psu is capable of powering a gtx 580, I've heard that some power supplies are not actually able to reach the listed wattage, etc. The CM silent pro series was well reviewed so it seems unlikely to me. What do you guys think?

    My other concern is the motherboard. The Pegatron IPMTB-TK (Truckee) has been problematic, causing widespread stability issues in the past. This was until HP got it's act together and released a new BIOS, I've had no problems since. Is it possible that this particular mobo is incompatible with or somehow bottlenecking the GTX 580?
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    At this point it would be between the GPU or PSU if motherboard problems then it would not have worked for a while. That it happens after a while in games I suspect the card more, like a heat problem. If you can try it in another system would tell us.
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  7. Exchanged the GPU for a replacement. The new GTX 580 works great, no problems at all. Thanks for your help rolli59!
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