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Should I buy the 2500k or wait a week for ivy bridge? I will be gaming. I saw that Ivy bridge's launch date got changed to the 23rd :D
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    The best thing you can do is wait, even if Ivy is not worth the wait, its better than buying Sandy only to regret it in a weeks time (not likely you will regret it but whatever).
  2. Its a week, may as well tie a knot in it and see what opening day brings :P
  3. depends if you are a heavy overclocker or not. if so, sandybridge looks better. if not, ivybridge looks better
  4. Yeah I have a z68 mobo, whats the difference really?
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  6. It is a rather disappointing release by the Blue half, nothing significant over Sandybridge other than Native USB3.0, PCI-e 3.0 and faster Memory SPD support, other than that the general impression by references at suggest it is rather poor, overclocks poorly and degenerates fast under said loads.

    Since IB is around the corner it makes the decision tough, either way its a good choice, I am leaning towards grabbing the Sandybridge before they are gone.
  7. Quote:
    it was or is to be said that Ivy will net you about 15% more performance than Sandy.
    but right now Ivy is a higher power consumption (TDP) and runs higher temps than first predicted.
    it's not quite going to be as big as the AMD Bulldozer disappointment/fiasco but early reports are very very disturbing.

    so untrue. everyone is throwing around that 15 percent number. the graphs i looked at were closer to 5 percent.
  8. The benchmarkers community I am with are certainly not rushing out to get one, the Z77/75 chipsets are far more interesting, its just a pitty you don't get all the features running a SB on them or it would be a win win.

    How long before Z68 and P67 all but disappear, along with SB?
  9. Bout three weeks knowing Intel :P
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