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Hi guys, my BD-Rom drive is not responding at all. It wont auto play any kind of disk and I don't even hear it try to spin disks. If I go to my computer and click on the drive, it says Insert a Disk (please insert a disk into drive E).

If I go to device manager and click dvd/cd-rom drives, cd-rom drive is the subcategory. It says the device is working properly, and tells me the drivers are up to date.

However, at this point, I am not seeing anywhere (under my computer or in device manager) that it says the name of the BD-Rom (Pioneer something).

My hard drive is grinding and I fear it will die very soon, so I want this fixed if I need to boot from a disk.
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  1. I've had similar symptoms fixed by just reseating the connectors on the drive. You also might try a different cable or a different port.
  2. Ok, I will try that when my backup is done and I can turn off PC. Is it possible that the drive could open and close but still be fixed by reseating connectors (or if that was the issue would it just not open and close at all)
  3. I have taken off the two cables connected to the back of my BD Rom and put them back on firmly. I get the same results. It's happy to open and close, device manager says it's working and drivers up to date...but wont do anything with any disk
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    time to buy a new one.
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