Hi there I have currently a Sapphire Radeon 6870 and it works fine and all that, and after getting info from the forums I brought a second 6870 from the same place exact picture and everything from Ebuyer. But when it arrived it was still the 6870 made by sapphire but it was the dirt 3 special edition one (I dint order that) But anyhow i still put it in to my system, it seemed to boot OK and programs recognized the crossfire, but now it seems to freeze on Trixx tweak and I have to turn of my PC, it then started beeping half way through WINDOWS EXPERIENCE INDEX, I assume the crossfire is correct and nothing is wrong with that. I have now taken the card out and stuck with one for the time being, it cant be the PSU because its a 850w 80+ can it??? HELP PLEASE...
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  1. I have some beef with my 6950 dirt 3 edition. I swear these cards are bugged. I also got my friend on the 6950 dirt 3 in crossfire.

    My suggestion, Go to the sapphire webpage and download their drivers instead of the ones from the AMD website.

    Just a ballpark.


    It is unlikely that it's your power supply, 850W is ample, granted it's not a POS..

    I found my bug to be with DX -- Aero, try disabling Aero until you get your new drivers.

    Things to check, the crossfire ribbon - The 6 pins?
  2. So just to confirm crossfire is OK even with different types of 6870 one is the dual fan one isn't, so drivers wound not clash so to speak then got to also get my wireless card to work in the other pci slot cause it is basically crap and if touched will not work but hay it working now, thanks for reply also also to ebuyer for saving me 10 squids and a free dirt 3
  3. What power supply do you have??
  4. Does it work without Trixx? Some of the 3rd part software packages have issues. Try it without Trixx and report back.
  5. bystander said:
    Does it work without Trixx? Some of the 3rd part software packages have issues. Try it without Trixx and report back.

    OK after getting internet to work i managed to get both cards cross-fired in to my system and they seem to run fine, have not run Trixx now and their is no freezing but when i tested GTA 4 my constant power surge protector starting beeping like crazy i am guessing because its using quite a bit of power for games(so switched to standard PSP), how do i know if they are working together and not on their own.
  6. Just also downloaded newer version of catalyst cc and when i click on enable crossfire x and click save it immediacy goes back to disabled, Whats up with that???
  7. fixed ccc problem now needed to restart computer
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