I have a am2+ mobo want to play games like nfs run and gta 4

i have this mobo http://in.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM2/M2AMX/#overview and amd athlon 64X2 4600+ can it run good games or i should upgrade my processor m not thinking for new mobo. what processor should i buy and i have sapphire amd/ati 6670 ddr5 card
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  1. new mobo/cpu. budget?
  2. you should by new mobo+cpu, from 250 to 300$=a10-5800K+f2a85-m+8 GB ram (DDR3 1800).

    or you can go for intel, much more $$$ (but more power).

    ***since you have ati 6670(and I guess law budget), amd is by far better choice, in your case.
  3. i only got 100$ coz i jst brought the gpu 2 days ago so if i can play with this configuration thn i dnt wanna spend the money so i can buy a new monitor but if i cant play with this thn i have to buy mobo and processor
  4. so just give it a try..
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