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Im gonna get a new motherboard, processor, graphics card, ram and i'm checking if PSU is compatible with my new motherboard, do i need to check the compatibility for something else?
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  1. In deciding on building a new system I select a processor/motherboard family (eg. the LGA 1155 0r LGA 2011) and video card (eg. GTX 670 or AMD 7750) and whether I am going to SLI or Xfire to make a determination about the PSU required. RAM does impact power requirements, as does number and sort of HDDs, but these are minor considerations. I want my maximum power requirement to be met and over supplied by at least 15%-20%.

    I always buy quality products, and even if a product is new, I look for user feedback to make a final determination. In PSUs I try to stick to good quality OEMs like PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, OCZ, inter alia. Generally you weant a quality PSU with a single rail 12V design.

    Good luck.
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