Bf3 triple monitor 6950 2gb

Hello,I cant make up my mind if xfire 6950 2gb is an overkill for 3 1080p 23.6" monitors. I would like to have +70 fps at medium setting in Battlefield 3
Would like to run it with:
cpu: fx-4100 @ 4.0Ghz
Ram: 8gb ,1333
HDD: 7900rpm
MB: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3, AMD 990FX Mainboard - Sockel AM3+

Would this be an overkill. I have no idea how much FPS would decline with 3 monitors. 70 FPS +-5 fps on medium setting in BF3.
Thank you ;)
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  1. I don't think it would be overkill to run two 6950 video cards in crossfire , the worse that could happen is that you would have to run the game at ultra settings. :sol:
  2. Ive done alot of research on this, your answer is NO>>>>>

    You need 6970 to max it out with that monitor set up. Ive been doing the research for myself. Already built a new pc, have 3 new monitors and debating on crossfire 6970's or one 6990 for now and later add another. I found a really cool, add on gpu cooler to add to the 6990 to avoid overheating as well.
  3. @OP, to enjoy playing @ high settings without a lag of FPS you need 2 strong GPUs in SLI/CF with at least 2 Gb of VRAM in order not to have a frame buffer issue.
    For BF3 @ high settings with Eyefinity i would suggest 2 HDs 6970 in CF.
  4. When I write overkill, i mean that in the sense of price. I played the PS3 beta and it looked beautiful. I then tried it at a friends at medium and high(drool). I only need the medium setting, that's fine for me. Basically i would like to do the cheapest triple monitor setup for BF3 @medium setting.
    Thank you very much for the fast replies. Im surprised with the community on this site, really good for a first timer.
  5. I am currently running 70-150fps at High settings accross 3x Samsung 22.5" monitors on 2x6950s (see current rig below). I have to say I am not yet as happy as I thought I would be going from single 6870 1gb card on a 880g chipset GB mobo and the same 1055 cpu and 12gb of 1600 ram.... MY personal issue that I still have with the game is that I get dropped from my chipset reaching 108*F while cpu and gpu's are happy... my new mobo has room for anothr 6950 2gb card when I feel need, I didnt want to go w dual 1gb 6870s as thy max CF at 2x... and with 3 or 4way Eyefinity, you need that extra VRam.

    Any direct questions on how mine runs, shoot em at me, I was nervous but not willing to wait long to build this one to play BF3 properly. I AM awaiting the news on higher Zambesi chips than thos at launch. I AM aware that my whole rig will run much faster w an FX CPU, but I dont wanna throw dough out for the minimal if any change from my 1055 to a FX 6100 for instance... and if I spring for an 8150 @$250+ will I miss a MUCH btter 8170 in 2mos for similar starting point?!? Sorry in advance if I took the post in another shift, but honestly it DOES all matter if you wanna build with future proofing AND all AMD for Eyefinity 3way, and the supposed 5-10% ffective increase when you hit Skorpios (sp?) aka AMD FX 900 mobo, AMD hd 6000's, and AMD FX CPU.

    Again back to the original post... I honestly wish I waited a few days until I found a good price w rebates on 2x6970 2gb cards.... Newegg had a NICE deal on the dual fan XFX6950 2gbs for Black Friday week and my wallet was itching to play BF3 on nw rig. Don't fool yourself and try to squeeze into 3x22" or larger on anything less than my current rig, as far as BF3 and other new titles I'm running the 11.11 driver atm BTW, UNLESS these newest 12.x series drivers in th pipe make a HUGE performance upgrade like the 11.9+ did during the BF3beta.

    Awaiting questions, and ANY advice on where to put my money for the chipset/FX cpu bottleneck/ovrheating issue I think I have going atm. I had to take th 200mm fan on side of NZXT Phantom case (blows over top gpu, NB, CPU cooler (too high), and ram (no cooler yet)) off for now... will go liquid if someone deems it necessary, but Ive yet to OC ANYTHING yet... >>SHRUG<<

    Thanks and a big Salute to all other military and/or BF3'ers!! Happy Holidays as well!
    - MajorHeadache

    Not sure why my rig sig didnt post here (being relevant)... try this...
  6. Round 2................ Fight!!
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