Is it worth upgrading my 4870

Im starting to feel the need to upgrade my current system with an entire new one but unfortunately funds arent there to do so. At the moment i am working on getting the most life that i can from my system.

My current specs
Asus P5W DH Deluxe board
Intel Q6600 CPU OC'd to 2.93GHz
OCZ 4GB DDR2 800
4870 and 4850 in crossfire (had 2 4850s but one died, so i am using an old 4870 of my friends to keep my crossfire)
1000w thermaltake PSU (old died and i wanted somthing that i can put into a new rig when i built it)

My question is, is it worth the money to buy a new video card? specifically im looking at an ATI 6870. Will i see an improvement over my current GFX setup or is my CPU and Mem going to be holding me back not allowing for much if any improvement.
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  1. With that setup and CF 4850+4870, I don't think a new card would called an upgrade.
    But a new card, like 6950 or 570 ^+1 will good for long term, you can always use that card into your next gaming PC... :)
  2. Wouldn't be much of an upgrade. It would eliminate the need to rely on CF and thus eliminate some of the problems for games that don't like CF, but a single 6870 wouldn't be faster than your current setup in most cases. You should hold on a little longer till AMD and nVidia release their new cards early next year.
  3. You may feel the urge to upgrade, but upgrading to a HD 6870 is simply not worth it.

    What's your monitor's resolution.
  4. I would look at either the HD6950 or GTX 560 Ti for a worthwhile upgrade in performance.
    One good reason to do so you may not have considered is power usage. Those HD4800 cards used a lot of power at idle. Your cards probably use over 100w even when you aren't gaming. Current cards use much less, about 10-20w. That difference can really add up on your power bill, especially if you are the sort that leaves your computer on all the time.
  5. Either the GTX 560 Ti or GTX570, as always it entirely depends on how you are as a gamer, casual or never leave your room gamer.

    once you determine that you will know what you need.
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