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Need better card for Gateway FX6840, plz help

Hi im new to the community here and was wondering if someone could help me out.. i have a Gateway FX6840 and am looking for a better graphic's card for my PC. I just recently bought Battlefield 3 and cannot handle the graphics on maximum settings , with Skyrim right around the corner (im a gamer) i would like to have my PC ready to handle it with no problems <-
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  1. So, which CPU is yours? i7 or i5?
    Which PSU? 500W or 700W?
    What is your budget?
    Monitor? resolution?
    And make sure before you buying, check whether the card will fit into your case or not...
    Note than going from onboard graphic to almost any discrete graphic card will boost your PC performance significantly. :)
  2. i7 , Asus 23inch Full HD 1080p for High-resolution Digital Content Display , id like to keep it under 1k seeing how the price will drop eventually, 500w PSU
  3. Does your PSU provides any 6pin power connector?
    Can you read on it's label about it's specs? We need to be sure before choosing a card...
    1k of $?
    Just for a card or PSU too? Because higher end card needs more than 500W to run...
    Or do you want to stay with your current 500W?
  4. yes $, as for the PSU providing 6pin power connector? i do not know how to tell.. im pretty sure what i just need a card for what i want.. im not looking for top end keeping in mind... thanks for dealing with my lack of knowledge in this matter
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    Take a look at this combo:
    EVGA GTX580 + Corsair 850W Gold.

    Surely that combo and your current setup will eat almost any games that you throw at it...
    Just make sure those PCU+card will fit into your case. :)
  6. thats affordable, i will make sure it will fit before I consider buying it, thank you very much for the Feedback
  7. Hextacy35 said:
    thats affordable, i will make sure it will fit before I consider buying it, thank you very much for the Feedback

    So did you buy it? Please let me know. I'm considering the GTX 460 without changing the PSU
  8. i did took awhile to get what i was looking for but its in my hands now and it working great.. thanks for help very much.
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