Monitor gets no signal after sleep!! HELP!

So every time I put my computer to sleep, I awake it by moving/clicking the mouse. This only turns on the computer, not the monitor. The only way to turn the monitor on is to reboot, which defeats the purpose of putting my computer to sleep in the first place. When TRY to power on the monitor, it says "No Signal" and turns off. Any help is much appreciated!

My specs:

Mobo: ASUS P8P67
CPU: Intel i5 2500k (not overclocking)
RAM: 4GB GSkill 10666
HD: 1 TB Samsung Spinpoint
Video Card: Radeon 6870
PS: 750 Antec
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    A few ASUS motherboards have this bug in some BIOS versions, yours included. You must set EIST enabled, CPU voltage manual and internal PLL voltage disabled. Check:

    You may also try a new BIOS revision.
  2. I would go into the power management section of the action center and see what you have for options, You can design your own custom power saving setup and have what you want to sleep and when. There maybe something that is contiuing to sleep after your computer wakes up.
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  4. Thank you Murissokah! And you too Inzone!
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