Amd Phenom 2 x4 BE Stock and overclocked idle temps.

I'm running this 940 at 3.3 (16.5 clk) Stock (200)fsb. My temps are hovering around 46-48 c idle. 67-70 with 3d mark11 basic settings. I heard that possibly the temp sensor might me off? Speccy is tell me 51 C as I type this. I'm using the stock cooler with a 120 fan also blowing directly at it. I have good air flow with Twin frozr 2 560 ti (Msi). I have a slight bump in voltage (one notch higher than default) My question is this: Should I worry about temps? Use cool@Quiet? (prefer not to) 36c Idle with C&Q enabled. (880 downclocked). Artic silver 5 on heat spreader. I don't want to invest in new cooler for such a modest speed bump. Thanks
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  1. Reset all settings to stock and report your core temps at idle and 100% load.

    Temp sensor may be off but I want check a few other things first, 70c is very bad.
  2. Sorry about the late delay since I posted this topic back in April of 2012. Heat was the issue with this proc. I bought a 150 watt waste heat down blowing cooler and idle temps were 33c . Max were 46 to 52c when running heavy benchmarking. Found out that these phenom's don't like anything higher than 62c for any period of time. (not good for them)
    I hope this helps others out there with 940 or higher phenoms. I recently sold the system after fixing the mystery heat issue. The stock copper heat pipe cooler that Amd supplied with this proc is not really enough for gaming and mild overclocking.
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