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Dell optiplex 745 core 2 duo motherboard

I find SATA 0,1,4, and 5 on the motherboard. I can get SATA0 and 1 to function 1 HD and 1 CD or 2 HD, but I can not get 2 HD's to work with the CD? SATA 4 and % do not seem to function!

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    You have to enable them in your BIOS to get them to work. Be default, they are disabled in the BIOS.

    Good luck!
  2. Thank you. Much appreciated.


    Good 'Ole Dan
  3. Hey, thanks, up and working. I thought it may have been in the bios, but rarely have ventured there!

  4. Cool beans! I used to have one of those rigs and gave it to my neighbor's kids (I installed a Q6600 in it), so I remembered that little tidbit.

    Not the fastest rig in the world, but built like a tank and will run (seemingly) forever.

    Have fun!
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