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Hey guys.

Just come on to ask if theres any Red LED lights i can get for inside the computer case. But im looking for some that won't require any type of electrical work like soldering. As i don't get along with that stuff.

Also i'm looking for a blue sound activated that i'll be able to put against the see through side panel for cool lighting effects when playing games/music.

My power supply unit is

Also i'm from the UK.

Thanks guys.

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  1. has lots of this stuff, i dont know if thye ship to the uk. I filled my custom thundercat themed case with lots of red lights.

    on newegg look at Computer Hardware > Computer Cases > Case Accessories
  2. Thanks for the reply. Any available in the uk ?
  3. Hm, you could find something here, mostly, they ship around the us, but are known for shipping overseas also
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