Dual E5 2687W Cooling Suggestions

Hello Good People,

I'm a pc hardware newbie attempting my very first build (a workstation for myself). I've learned a good deal on my own but there are still a few gaps I'm having a hard time filling in.

Would anyone be able to recommend a cooling solution for a dual E5 2687w setup? Without going into too much detail I have been considering going with the Corsair Obsidian 800D for my case (to the best of my knowledge, this case should fit the Asus Z9PE-WS SSI EEB form factor board I intend to buy).

The Corsair H80 seems like a good option for solid cooling for someone like me that isn't in any position to be working on a custom liquid cooling solution. However, I'm wondering if I will be able to/need to get two of these things into that case?

Again, that's just my starting point from a complete newbie's POV so if anyone has a better suggestion I am absolutely all ears.

Thanks so much for having a look!

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  1. Bump.

    I'm in a similar situation: 2 x E5-2687W on an Intel Server board mounted in a Cooler Master Cosmos II case. Idle temperatures are in the 35-38 ºC range, and at load (Folding@Home on all 32 threads) temperatures shoot up out of control. If I don't stop stressing the CPUs it would easily hit 100 ºC. Currently there's a pair of Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo's in the case, but they don't seem to be working that well. I've tried different thermal pastes and different heatsink/fan orientations, but nothing seems to keep the CPUs at an acceptable temperature at full load. Any suggestions?
  2. Bump again.

    I've just installed the dual xeon e5-2687w over the weekend, and have put it also into the cooler master cosmos ii. i've put 2 antec kuhler 920 liquid cooling solutions in there. i was unable to install the 2nd fan one of the radiators, as it gets in the way of the mother board asus z9pe-d8 ws.

    using the power supply calculators out there, it seems for the system I put together with 5 harddrives, nvidia quadro 6000, nvidia tesla 2075, 64 gb ram, it was calculating upwards of 1100W recommendation.. so i went with the cooler master silent 1500W PS. havent really stress tested the video cards yet, but currently only drawing 800W on load.

    I just wanted to give some background here, but I was looking up good temperatures for the dual xeon cpu configuration.. using real temp to measure the temperatures im currently idling around 40-50 C.
    When I run prime95 stress test on it, the temperatures get to around 60-70 C.

    Does this sound ok? or could be better?
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