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Hey guys, please have mercy on me...I'm very new to this and need to be treated as a 7 year old. I have a horrible grinding noise coming from the fans on top of my case. I have never touched the inside of my PC and was hoping someone could explain how I would investigate this and fix it. I don't think I can post a pic on here (might be missing how to do that), and it's hard for me to explain what I see.

Basically 2 tubes are coming down off this double fan deal on top of the case. Those tubes connect to some cylinder looking thing that is connected to whatever (MB?). I'm guessing I will have to unscrew the fan case from top, but I'm afraid of pretty much anything after that. Will I need to unhook these tubes or take that cylinder thing off (certainly hope not).

Finally, can someone point me to how I can control these damn fans? There was a digital touch screen that is absolutely worthless, and the fan control knob on top of case just controls one fan down by the HDDs. I couldn't slow these top ones down if I wanted, and honestly I can't be 100% sure it's the fans since I can't stop them to see if grinding stops.

Thanks for any help
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  1. Mmk, so the grinding is possibly caused by lack-luster cable management, and you should check the fan intakes for wire obstructions. After that you should probably remove the fans using by accessing the side panel and unscrewing it or using the latches if your case has one. The fans blade could be broken or hitting a cable.

    For controlling fans, you need a controller like one of these

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the reply! The wiring is actually pretty tidy and it doesn't sound so much like a wire being hit. It almost sounds like whatever little motor spins that fan is struggling along or something. Does something like that make sense? If so, should I just take it to someone to replace it, or is that something I could potentially fix with little to no experience?
  3. if u can see and get to the wiring, then.....just follow the wire until you see where it plugs in. Un plug it and see if the noise stops. This will help you figure out which fan is making the noise. Then, just shut wond and remove/replace the fan. The tubes you described sound like ducts to bring the hot air up away from the computer. My guess is they come from the cpu area. they are usually easy to remove. u just have to look at it very closely. dont force anything,. Take your time and you'll do fine. fans are cheap. no need to pay anyone to dot his for you. good luck
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