Can a ati 5450 power a case fan?

Hello,I have an optiplex gx620.I have installed a Dynex 600watt PSU which has the fan blow over most of my motherboard(downward).I have also installed an ATI visiontek 1gb 5450 video card. Can I power a small cooling fan from this card , which I will mount to the rear of the case to pull out more air.Will this work without putting a strain on the card therefore shortening its life?
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  1. Im not quite sure what youre asking. are you going to try and plug a small fan into the graphics card? if so i dont really see how you would go about doing that without unplugging the factory installed fan (if there is one)
  2. as these crads are basically made from a 5700 sreies card , it has a two proged fan connecter for the units with fans , if i use a small fan do you think it would hurt the card , would you know the voltages of the average video card fan?
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    The HD 5450 doesn't have a place to hook a fan into, and if it does it might have the 2 pin fan which cools it (the GPU itself).

    If you want to mount a rear fan to the Dell machine, use a FAN with a molex adapter.
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