How much RAM would i need to run alot of browsers and games like Arma2

I am building a system and currently have 4 Gigabytes, I want to run games like Arma on one screen and have skype or Chrome open on others. How much ram is recommended for my system? I can max at 32 Gigabytes, 8 per slot.
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  1. you should not need more than 8, although i do run 16gb.
  2. 4GB "will do the job" for 1 game and several browser tabs. 8GB is largely enough. If you are running on an X79 platform (which needs 4 ram sticks) I'd say go for 16GB just because the 4GB ram sticks are the most common with best performance/price atm.

    Imagine that by having open and in-game Crysis 3, Path of Exile and Dota 2 while also running a GPU compute program (BOINC) and firefox browser I am at 5.2GB RAM used out of 6GB of my X58 system.
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