New Buld Random Shutdowns

Alright so I just got a new build around Christmas been gaming fine with it but this week I've had a few random shutdowns
Everything is New besides Graphics card and PSU, I took them out of my Gaming rig before this one until I can get a new Graphics Card...

It will run fine and smooth but Randomly Shutdown without any Warning or Error log in the Windows Events..
Cpu running 45 to 52C not going any higher been monitoring it very well although DRAM Volts do flex a little with the asus probe it went to zero a few times
but as far as probe that's normal monitoring programs for you.

So now I'm Clueless I keep thinking the psu is going bad but don't make since when I can game for hours at a time sometimes and just log on and start gaming for 5 mins and shutdown.

I have noticed that the Mobo lights to cut off when it does shutdown so it is a loss of complete power from what I can see then the lights will come back on then I can power up the system.Also when Windows loads after a random shutoff you can hear the fans cut off and back on really fast witch is strange not ever had that happen with any other builds before.

About to buy a GFX card but would like to solve this first in case i do need a PSU i can wait on the card,

Hope someone can help.
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  1. hi crazybrad!
    pc specs please! :)
  2. ASUS Crosshair V Formula MOBO
    AMD FX 8150 8 Core Black Edition CPU
    Kingston HyperX 2x4 Gigs Ram 1600 @ 1.6v
    ATI Radeon HD4850
    FSP 500Watt PSU
  3. you need at least 550W PSU!

    as you mentioned PSU is old and weak!

    i had the same problem year ago! i had 750W thermaltake for 4years, brought new PSU(corsair hx850) and it never happened again!

    if you want to change your VGA then i recommend you to buy at least 850W PSU like corsair AX850 80+ gold sertificate! it comes with seven years Warranty!!!
  4. Oh OK i thought maybe that was the issue just wanted a 2nd opinion I'm looking into getting at least 850 to 1000 watt when i order my 6950 card

    Thanks a million
  5. Quick Question was looking into some PSU I've got a Rosewill in one of my other systems it runs great thinking about going with another one...

    thats the link heard anything bad about it id like to go Corsair but I need this Psu quick in my primary system and gotta save some cash....

    Know any other decent Brands that will give me good watts for around $100ish
  6. You DO NOT want to cheap out on the PSU with the specs you listed. I currently got Corsair's GS800, I think it is about $125 on newegg. Didn't skip a beat in almost a year. I think the GS700 (700 Watt version) is about $105, I'd look into that - you won't need 800W with only one GPU.
  7. Yeah im fine with that just don't want to blow 200ish on a psu right now i don't think I'm going to crossfire with the 6950 but just in case id like to have a Crossfire ready psu.. Only games I playing right now is Swtor and Bf3 reviews saying playing on highest settings with that card fine without crossfire... so i was thinking 750 and 800ish would be fine but just in case lol
  8. Came across this one thinking about placing a order tonight if you would approve it for my specs.
  9. with HD6950 you need at least 550W PSU! if you want to overclock your cpu and if you plan to keep your PSU for more than 1 year, or for 24/7 usage and 1+ years 650W is enough for you! without OC 600W is fine! but it's always better to get more powerful PSU!

    I suggest you to buy HX750 because it can handle up to 900W power and have 7years warranty! and also it costs 35$ more than gs800!
    but it worth it! ;)

    and i have to say that i have an hx850 for 2years or more and i OC'd my CPU (i7 920@ 3.6Ghz) had 4890 vapor-X and right now i have ASUS 6950 Direct CU 2gb @ 950MHz core 1400MHz memory and it works without any problems! :)
  10. Hmm Yes i do plan on OC my CPU to 4.0 or higher in the near future, and never hurts to have that power sitting there in case i got the extra cash to go crossfire with my system.. I think am going with the HX 750 or HX 850 one of the two def, The 7 year Warranty just sales it's self :)
  11. 4GHz OC + crossfire= atleast 850W but corsair recommends 1000W!

    but you'll be fine with HX850 because it can deliver up to 1050W ! :)
  12. Yeah even know it will be awhile before i do crossfire ill be running the HX850 with just 4GHz OC...

    But just to know what is the difference in the GS series and the HX series besides the Led lights on the GS
  13. the GS800 is non-modular so it's harder to cable manage and has less power on the 12v rail (some GPU setups could be limited by the unit, like Dual 6990's overclocked.)

    the point to getting a high end power supply is to get one that is reliable, and has as close to perfect DC output as possible.

    The older a PSU gets, usually the worse the voltage regulation and ripple uppression get worse.

    So thus, having a better unit means you have one that'll last longer.

    Also, there's a 4 year warranty difference between the two units.
  14. Ah yeah well that's interesting I ended up getting the HX850 with one 6950 so I feel like I should be set pretty good for a while.

    like to Thank ya for the tips and help with everything too...
    Can always count on this place for anything :)
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