Monitor won't recognize my computer

My monitor won't recognize my computer. I recently installed a new motherboard and my monitor just won't respond to it. Here are my specs.
Asus Deluxe Gen 3
HD 5870
i5 2500k
Ripjaws G Skill 2x4gb 1600
Western digital 1tb 7200rpm hard drive
Well everything seems to work fine on the computer I had to rma an old mobo because it was stuck in a power loop. The new motherboard has no onboard graphics. My monitor automatically detects what I'm using (DVi VGA Or hdmi) I'm using DVI and whenever I take out the plug it says check signal when I put it back in the monitor says that it couldn't recognize anything and goes to sleep. I plugged in my computer in a tv with an hdmi cable and the tv doesnt recognize anything, idk what to do.
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  1. It is your HD5870 that is not sending out signal or the computer is not posting!
  2. My video card worked fine before I got my new motherboard the fan is spinning and everything. My computer turns on fine, but my monitor won't recognize it and idk why. Most of those troubleshooting tips are for boot up. And my
    Computer turns on fine.
  3. GPU is not sending a signal! Problem with GPU either not getting required power or broken!
  4. Ok so I figured out that a ram slot wasn't in all the way now I'm constantly getting the bsod with the error code 000000x3b or something like that which means I have a problem with my video card. I don't get them in safe mode. But I formatted my HDD and started reinstalling windows and I recieved another bsod and now windows won't uninstall or install. Just goes up to an error code saying the computer shut off unexpected got and windows 7 will continue to install after you restart your computer. I get that message over and over again. I'm freaking out because I bought all my parts for my computer I basically wasted 800 dollars for something that doesnt work. It's too late to rma the parts and I can figure out what the fk is wrong with my computer and I don't want to take it to geek squad because they'll tell me I have a hardware problem and they'll charge me 200 bucks and not solve the problem.
  5. Anyways I fixed the problem of the Windows not installing thing and I'm tryin to reinstall it. I switched my ram sticks around and switched the power pins from my graphics card around and so far no bsod.
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    That is pretty much what the guide tells you to do if you follow it step by step!
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