Which 560 ti to get?

I have no idea, what's your opinions... and im not an overclocker
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  1. Looking at the prices on newegg at the moment I would recommend this;
  2. ^+1 to jyjjy.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130604
    Look at the reviews on the Gigabyte vs EVGA. It's a no-brainer
  4. It's no questions, EVGA has a better quality of product, worth it $15 more? I would say yes, but again, the OP will decide final decision... :)
  5. I have 2 of the gigabyte GTX 560ti's and I definately would recomend them, its overclocked at 900MHZ from factory and has a great cooler.
  6. sup3rspiffy said:
    I have no idea, what's your opinions... and im not an overclocker

    i fitted a gigabyte gtx 560ti oc to my new gaming pc and had too many problems with it,returned it to gigabyte twice and still had issues with stability,i replaced it under warranty with a gainward gtx560ti golden sample,so far it has been very good..just my experience with this gigabyte product
  7. I have gigabyte 560ti soc, not really happy with it. Not very stable ( only with driver 266 ) and weird high pitched sounds during stresstests.
    Also when it get's hot it's pretty loud. ( and it gets hot quickly )
  8. idk much about OCing but i guess I will have to eventually learn, I'm going with the EVGA
  9. Good choice i think, next time no gigabyte for me to.
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