Best budget 1080p screen

im looking for a screen for under 175 after shipping. size doesnt matter as long as its 1080p. i would prefer speakers and a digital tv tuner(for cable tv). let me know what deals you guys know about.
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  1. i found this one but its response time is 5ms.... does response time really matter? it has no tv tuner though....

    just found this one actually with a tv tuner but its recertified.... ive never bought any recertified stuff before. what do you think?
  2. This is a good page to keep an eye on for monitor deals;
  3. Go to, they have a lot of selection on very good "refurbished" monitors. I just bought a "24 LCD LED 1080P 2ms Viewsonic monitor for $149.00 with free shipping. This monitor has been awesome. I guess it all depends on if your okay with refurbished, I am.
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