Asus GTX560 ti sli temps

I'm planning on getting two of these cards and use them for SLI:

I was wondering if anyone here had used these cards in SLI before and know what the temperatures are going to be like? Or if anyone would have some sort of idea. I'd assume it wouldn't be too bad because of the dual fans and the Direct CUII cooling but I was wondering what others' opinions were. They'll be in this case:

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I think these were the ones you couldn't fit them for sli.......
  2. Usually temps for a pair of GTX 560 Ti's in SLI is 30C to 40C on idle and 70C to 80C on load. The dual fans and the good ventilation should keep it slightly cooler.
  3. They will fit just fine with the case you are showing, and they definately have a great cooler on them so you shouldnt have any problems with heat.
  4. amuffin said:
    I think these were the ones you couldn't fit them for sli.......

    I'll be getting this Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 which appears to have 2 slots between the x16 and x8 slot.

    I'd either get that case or a Graphite 600T, but it's pretty expensive. I was going to consider water cooling them but I couldn't trust my self to remove the heat sinks and void the warranty on $500 worth of cards haha. At least they sound like they'll stay pretty cool, given adequate air flow.
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    Mine's a similar config

    2* MSI Twin Frozr GTX560 Ti. Rest of the system is Asus Rampage II Extreme X58, Core i7 920 @ 4GHz

    Looking at the temps right now (as reported in MSI Afterburner). One of the cards is idling at 37 degrees the other at 41.

    In gaming there's a huge difference in the heat of each card. The upper one gets much hotter as there's no space between its fans and the other card. The upper one gets to about 88 degrees while the lower one is in the mid 60s. Best to have a gap between them really, but my mobo doesn't allow it.

    When overclocking the upper card can hit 100 degrees, so I don't overclock.
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